Exclusive Case Studies

Each website featured on this page is managed SBIers. Some have attended a SiteSell Education event while others are featured on the popular Results page. Please copy and paste the examples that would most interest both you and your class while enhance their understanding of the CTPM process.



Using Content 2.0, this SBIer has close to 1,000 pages of content that drives hundreds of visitors every day. Even better, Jennifer has a very high Link Popularity Index! LESSON: Use C2 to supplement your Content Blueprint because it positively affects the rest of the CTPM process.


There are around 150 pages on this website that have been created with solid keywords from the MKL. Even with the 3-column template, Carla insists that this site is easy to maintain and doesn't have "any special bells and whistles." LESSON: Take the time to use Brainstorm It! and the MKL because it provides you with a solid Content foundation from which you can build the rest of your online business.



This graphic-based site generates extreme traffic not only from its text content but picture content as well. LESSON: Ensure that you make use of keywords in your text by following Analyze It! while using 2-3 keywords in the ALT field for each relevant Graphic Block you add to your Keyword Focused Content Pages (KFCPs)


In the space of less than 4 months after graduating from SBI! eLearning, David went from 0 to over 100 visitors a day. LESSON: "If one does their research and keeps pluggin' on in their greatest field of interest....the sky is the limit. The love and passion of the niche are the key ingredients," said David.



The VPP for this site is "Your complete practical guide to digital SLR cameras" because Chris wants to make complex photography technology easy for everyone to understand. While he works on the site while commuting to and from work, his commitment to his niche is full-time and the VPP can be seen in his content. LESSON: Use your VPP to brand yourself and your USP to monetize.


This SBIers VPP is visualized on the home page with a graphic. "Remember the picture, remember the word!" Kevin uses cartoon pictures as well as other memory helpers for fast language learning and long term retention. LESSON: Make your VPP come to life using more than just text content. Consider video, audio, graphics, etc.


Aartsma gets over 1000 visitors a day to his website. The promise to his visitors (VPP) is that he'll help "turn your visit to our country into an unforgettable experience." Sharing his love and passion for South Africa is what this site is all about "plain and simple." LESSON: Take your time to concentrate on "producing content, developing the L&F and building traffic, without even thinking about monetizing."



Sveta monetizes with services (training courses and seminars), affiliate programs, Google Adsense, and joint ventures with related local businesses (real estate agent, mortgage broker, real estate website). LESSON: A few KFCPs mixed with a lot of experience and enthusiasm means that you can become an internationally recognized figure in your niche.


Richard enjoys a leadership role in many areas of life and AdSense revenue is his online strength (he also happily participates in affiliate programs and has his own infoproduct). Encourage students to watch his video here: Monetize Your Content With Google AdSense (approx 11 min.) LESSON: Create multiple streams of income and ensure that one of them is a product that you have full control over as Richard does with his infoproduct. "I believe strongly that in order to sleep soundly at night, you'd better not place all your eggs in one basket. By diversifying your income streams, you are maintaining financial control over your life and minimizing potential risk," said Richard.